We are pleased to announce that we are proud recipient of the prestigious award which was given to us by the Institute of nutrition for THE BEST INOVATIVE FOOD 2018 in the gluten-free food group.

Innovation award in a gluten free food group: Golden Tartary buckwheat groats (Rangus d.o.o.)

Golden Tartary buckwheat has a pleasant aromatic and characteristic slightly bitter taste. It is a nutritious food that is also distinguished by high concentration of flavonoids. The grain of Tartary buckwheat has been harvested, produced and processed in Slovenia. Due to thick and hard husks and fine grains, the production of Tartary buckwheat groats is technologically demanding, and the producer, with appropriate technology and control, ensures that gluten is not contaminated the product during production. Food is therefore also suitable for individuals with celiac disease. Tartary buckwheat groats can be used as an addition or a separate dish and also we can prepare very tasty tea from it.