Trdina’s buckwheat flour 1kg



This buckwheat flour differs from usual buckwheat flour by the fact, that it was milled from buckwheat grown on high elevation areas of the mountain Gorjanci, close to Šentjernej and Vrhpolje, under special supervision of Rangus mill owner and buckwheat experts of University of Ljubljana, to get domestic product of the highest quality. Buckwheat grain was carefully dried immediately after the harvest, to preserve the grain quality. It was named after Slovenian writer Janez Trdina, who observed and described production and use of buckwheat more than one hundred years ago in Dolenjska region, including Gorjanci mountains. Miller Rangus restored old habits of growing buckwheat on Gorjanci. Temperate mountain summer climate and traditional way of production and utilisation are bases for the high quality of buckwheat, buckwheat groats and buckwheat flour.

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Weight 1 kg