ORGANIC Golden tartary buckwheat groats® 500g


It is a special novel product, gluten free, rich in natural flavonoid antioxidants (rutin up to 15 mg/g dry matter basis, and some quercetin), essential trace elements and slowly digestible starch. The product is developed by Rangus miller in cooperation with the Departments of Agronomy and Biology, University of Ljubljana (with Prof. Dr. Ivan Kreft) . Tartary buckwheat has come to Slovenia between 1815 and 1816 and then was forgotten. Nowadays it is returning back to our fields. Grain of Tatary buckwheat from which is made this product, was produced in Slovenia. Because of large concentration of flavonoids it has special, pleasant, slightly bitter taste. After cooking groats, we don’t throw water away, but we may drink it as a refreshing healthy herb-tea, rich in natural antioxidants and mineral substances. Boiled groats are nice with diverse sauces, or with vegetables (for example pumpkins). Boiled Tartary buckwheat groats you can put into yogurt, cottage cheese spread, milk or cheese cream. Nutritional importance of our Tartary buckwheat products we presented in Food Research International, 54 (2013), 125–131, and in JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL FOOD, 16 (2013), 944–952.

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