ORGANIC couscous from golden tartary buckwheat 500g


Cuscous produced from Golden Tartary buckwheat is an innovative, gluten free product, rich in rutin and other flavonoids. Dishes are prepared in the same way as durum wheat couscous, but it is special by having aromatic taste including a noble slight bitterness, due to the high flavonoid content, typical for Tartary buckwheat products. In Slovenia, Tartary buckwheat, the crop adapted to poor soil and mountain growing conditions, and suitable for ecological growing, was promoted by Baron Sigismund Zois, around 1815, to mitigate famine of that time. Tartary buckwheat has slightly bitter taste, due to abundant content of rutin and other flavonoid antioxidants. Additionally, Tartary buckwheat grain contain excellent proteins with well balanced amino-acid constitution, high quality of slowly digestible starch, minerals and dietary fiber. This innovative product was developed in the cooperation with University of Ljubljana, and Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, by co-financing of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Republic of Slovenia, and financially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency (grants L4-7552, L4-9305).

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